Gretchen’s personal and professional lives are driven by two fundamental ideas: exploring and creating.


Nothing worthwhile ever fits into a box. Not any company. Not a single project. Gretchen embraces this complexity. While she is a skilled Project Manager, she’s also a fearless explorer, maker and hiker. Each part of her identity reinforces another, calling on the same calm and thoughtful flexibility needed to guide projects to success.



To explore is to embrace a constant push-pull between openhearted curiosity and thoughtful planning. Many assume that I explore because of who I am, and that’s true. By nature, I am drawn to the rush of unknown places. It’d be even truer to say that exploring has made me who I am.

Through exploration, I’ve learned how to balance in-the-moment listening, watching, and genuine enjoyment with take-charge agency and swift decision-making.



Challenging myself creatively has become an integral part of my life, whether I’m diving into the colorful world of weaving or saying ‘yes, and’ to an improv class. Bending my mind to see like an artist never fails to spark a fresh perspective, but that’s only part of it.

Creating is so important because it gives me permission to just go for it. Fail messily. Succeed beautifully. See it through, whatever it is, from start to finish. That powerful mantra bleeds into everything I do.



In February of 2012, I stood at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, completely exhilarated. What I didn’t realize was how mindset-altering that trek would prove to be. Whenever I feel challenged, I can’t help but think, “You climbed Kilimanjaro, you can do anything.”

Hiking is not only my regular ritual to immerse myself in nature and reflection—it’s a deep stretch into my potential, a reminder that even when something seems too big, unwieldy, or plain impossible, it isn’t.

Gretchen is a versatile Project Manager.

She leverages her ability to quickly identify untapped opportunities to analyze and transform workflows, processes, and procedures to foster collaboration, streamline operations, and increase efficiency.

Gretchen sitting on a chair