Exploring the World

I explore to expand my capacity for wonder. Each trip releases some anxiety-driven myth I wasn’t aware I was holding on to—and was holding me back—whether it was letting go of an impractical expectation of perfection, peeling away insecurities, or freeing myself of inhibitions so that I could be fully present.

Being immersed in the unknown sharpens your experience like nothing else. While there’s a certain apprehension or fear in abandoning your comfort zone, at the same time, you find yourself filled to the brim with courage, a powerful sense of agency, and wide-eyed wonder.

Above all, exploring has taught me to trust my instincts—well, all but one: that human impulse to run from the unfamiliar. Whether I’m suffering through 112-degree heat in a broken-down bus in Cambodia, or at work, guiding a particularly complex project to completion, I’ve learned to resist worry, embrace the uncertainty, and think on my feet.